About Us


BANCIBO is a licensed E-money issuer and Payment service provider.

BANCIBO puts clients first and works vigorously to find the best payment solutions for every client’s unique needs.

BANCIBO’s management team has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and presents clients with an exclusive customer experience that marries entrepreneurial problem solving with classic corporate experience. We work with both traditional and hard-to-place merchants to help grow their business and maximize profitability.

BANCIBO provides or in cooperation provides prepaid card programmes, payment card processing, payment gateway, virtual cards, virtual terminals, chargeback management and wallet services.
Our innovative technologies focused on client services allows BANCIBO to provide excellent fraud protection, supported by the most modern technology of remote KYC and AML process, reconciliation, processing solutions, and customer service.

About QC Card

BANCIBO Premium QC Prepaid Mastercard is fully-fledged payment card not connected to a traditional bank and can be issued online.
This card is primarily intended for your convenience in everyday use not only at home, but also abroad, as well as for planning and controlling all your expenses.

BANCIBO Premium QC Prepaid Mastercard offers your own Prepaid account in EUR currency which is a part of the card enabled with SEPA payments – sending and accepting your money.

BANCIBO Premium QC Prepaid Mastercard offers you much more:
  • Cardholder can send money to each other in a real time
  • First-rate travel and accident insurance
  • Competitive FX(Forex) rates
  • Transaction history at hand in web/mobile application